Website Design

For a number of years, I would receive requests to create websites. Often this involved hiring an outside source to code what I designed and the process was often fraught with speed bumps and obstacles.

Because of this, I have partnered with a friend to create and launch WebBlocks.

WebBlocks is a system to design websites quickly and efficiently for customers who want a website that is attractively designed, feature rich, and super easy to maintain and edit.

Features are being built and refined on a continual basis, and when they are completed, every WebBlocks site receives them.

Some of the features include:

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Media Player
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact Cards
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • and more

Whats best is that if you're interested we will build your site free of charge for you to play around with it and decide if it will meet your needs. No strings attached.

For more information or to get started, visit: