About Me

My Story

I’m Morgan! I laugh with my nose and eyes crinkled up. I drink way too many cups of tea a day. I go barefoot as much as possible. I overuse emojis I love grass and sunshine and the smell of dirt and the fact that the sun sets right outside my bedroom window.

But mostly I just love beautiful things!

That’s why I LOVE my job! I get to see people looking their best, hugging and kissing the people they love, laughing loudly, and sharing tears. Even if your wedding day has gotten rained on or your 3 year old is camera shy, those moments are precious and I get the immense privilege of capturing each of them.

Your story is amazing.

You may be a couple on the brink of committing your lives and love to each other, a growing family with laughter and memories and bittersweet change ahead. You may have an entirely different storyline that I cannot wait to learn about! You share your stories with me and I have the immense privilege of documenting them for you and those you love.

That’s my story. I can't wait to capture yours!