An “invisible” AJAX Library.

Add AJAX to any link, form, or form element on any HTML page

Simply add AJAX to forms, elements, or links...

<form action="doform" AJAX>
   <input type="text" name="myname" AJAX>
   <input type="text" name="myemail" AJAX="mousedown">
<a href="page.html" AJAX>Link</a>
<div id="somename">HTML Content</div>

Then in your overlay code directly manipulate the current page

<<overlay doform
 writeHTML('somename','AJAX Content')

Library Features

  • Standalone
  • Fast
  • 17KB on the client
  • Uses existing links and forms
  • IE6,7, and 8 supported.
  • Works in all modern browsers

Client HTML Features

  • Simply Add the keyword "AJAX" to forms, form elements and links on any page.
  • AJAX with no javascript code.
  • Upload files with HTML5 AJAX, no Flash necessary
  • Support for Multiple File Uploads

Server HTML/OS Features

  • use new TAG writeHTML in overlays just like the display tag
  • ERRORS are handled gracefully making debugging your code easy
  • Use endOVERLAY or AJAXgoto instead of goto in overlays