Although Northland offers dozens of different camp options to serve local churches, there is nothing that rivals the action and intensity of a week at Teen Camp. Combine that with our exciting theme, and you have a week that every student should make a priority for their summer vacation! "Off-Road Adventure 2014" promises a week full of enthusiastic team competition, great free-time activities, fantastic food, and hundreds of memory-making opportunities. And while we're always on the cutting edge for new events and activities, the focus of Northland Camp remains the opportunity to worship God through Biblical preaching, small-group discipleship, and one-on-one counseling. You will also enjoy your time making new friends, as well as time spent alone in the Word in the beauty of our camp setting. So come join us as during one of the four exciting weeks of Teen Camp!

"June 23-28 2014""Teen Camp 1"
"July 7-12 2014 ""Teen Camp 2"
"July 14-19 2014""Teen Camp 3"
"July 21-26 2014 ""Teen Camp 4"


The Early Bird discount applies only to registrations that are submitted online by or postmarked by March 24.

  • The $30 Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Incentive: For every 10 campers who come from your church, one adult sponsor may come free. 10 campers can include a combined number of campers who attend the same week of Teen, Pioneer Village, or Specialty Camp.
  • Extra Camp Costs: Daily Grind coffee shop, rifle range, snack shop, bookstore, camp T-shirts, camp pictures, crafts, paintball, scrapbook DVD's, sermon MP3's. Also, an offering will be collected each week for a missionary project. Typically, teen campers bring $50-$75 for additional purchases.


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Dan McGhee
Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Church
Teen Camp 1: June 23-28
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Brent Belford
Assistant Pastor, Fourth Baptist Church
Teen Camp 2: July 7-12
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Chris Juvinall
Senior Pastor, Wausau Bible Church
Teen Camp 3: July 14-19
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Aaron Coffey
Evangelist, Coffey Ministries
Teen Camp 4 and Specialty Camps: July 21-26
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Photo Gallery

Teen Camp – 19 photos


  • The Liquidator: our 90-foot water slide on the shore of Camp Lake
  • Vertical Venture: our towering 35-foot climbing wall that offers 5 runs with varying levels of difficulty
  • The Zipper: a 610-foot peaceful glide over the valley as well as a 390-foot thrill ride through the forest
  • SwingShot: a breathtaking 40-foot giant swing
  • Sidewinder: a horizontal climbing wall
  • Challenge Course: 12 events of teamwork, trust, and achievement
  • High Ropes Course: new, challenging activities for adventure lovers
  • Camp Lake Activities: Water Trampoline with Blob and Rope Swing, Walk-on-Water Mats, boating, fishing
  • Camp Cove: 18-hole mini golf course. It's fun for all ages!
  • Rifle and Archery Ranges
  • Cageball Chaos and Human Foosball
  • Splatwood Forest: our paintball facility with field games and a large scenario game
  • Basketball and Sand Volleyball
  • Carpetball, Ping-Pong, and Foosball

Camp Information

  • Please plan to send campers for the entire camp week. Early dismissals are permitted in case of emergency only.
  • Since safety is a priority, visitors are prohibited while camp is in session. Special exceptions may be granted in advance through the Camp Office.
  • Use of camp phones or personal cell phones by campers during the camp week is prohibited. Emergency calls will be directed through the Camp Office to a sponsor. Of course, many campers travel to camp with their phones. We ask them to leave these with their sponsor to keep during the week. If no sponsor is available, then they can be kept in the Camp Office and will be returned Friday evening.
  • Calls concerning safe arrival at Camp should be made to/from a sponsor with your group.
  • Please send camper mail using the camper's name, church's name, and the camp week they are attending.
  • Mark all personal belongings. Lost items that are not requested within two weeks following your week of camp are discarded. Requested items can be mailed to you at your expense.

Health and Safety

Our program is planned with health and safety as priorities. A full-time registered nurse is available 24 hours a day, and certified lifeguards supervise all water activities. Over-the-counter medication is provided by our Health Services Department. Please do not send medication unless prescribed by a doctor. All medication must be kept in its original labeled containers. For the health and safety of all campers, we request that campers who have contagious conditions or diseases not attend camp. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter of public health.

What to Bring

Warm sleeping bag, pillow, towels, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.), variety of clothes for warm and cool weather, swimsuit, extra clothes, tennis shoes (for rugged activities), light jacket, sweatshirts, Bible, notepad, pen or pencil, spending money (approximately $40-$50 in small bills), camera, flashlight, insect repellent

What Not to Bring

All food (no snacks are permitted in the cabins), cigarettes, tobacco, firearms, alcohol, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bicycles, magazines, fireworks, nonprescription drugs, and almost any electronics (TV, radio, ipod, electronic games, cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

Thanks for your help in these areas!

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in & Registration: Monday from 1:30-4:00 p.m.
Check-out & Departure: Saturday by 9:00 a.m.


No matter what the activity or setting, our desire is that our appearance is modest and not distracting. Therefore, our dress guidelines are meant to reflect those two principles. We do not want to be contradictory to parental or church authority, but we do ask all campers and sponsors to dress according to the following expectations while at Northland Camp:

  • Most of the thigh should be covered when sitting.
  • Please do not bring strapless shirts or tops with thin straps.
  • Please do not bring tight or form-fitting clothing.

Our evening services are one of the highlights of the week, so we ask everyone to wear something nicer than activity clothes for those services. The attire isn't specified, and we have only two expectations: the Biblical principle of modesty, and that our clothing not be a distraction. Since games or other activities usually follow the other daily teaching times, activity attire is fine for those earlier sessions.

Feel free to call the camp office if you have any other questions.

Sample Daily Schedule

8:45-9:30amTheme Passage Exposition
9:45-10:30amPOWER Groups (discussion time)
11:30-12:15pmTeaching Session
1:00-4:00pmFree Time
7:00-8:30pmFree Time
8:30-10:00pmEvening Service
10:15-10:30pmCabin Devotions